Thursday, May 05, 2005

Thu 5 May - Any complaints...?

A very kind person has taken the original Connex complaint form and completely reworked into a very useable Word document. Thanks very much Sam. I'll test it today with Connex.

I can't believe they could have any objection to it, but then again, they didn't like having something on the back of it, so you never know. As it happens, I've never heard back from them on that, nor any of the other complaints, queries and issues I've raised. Give 'em another week and then we'll see if the Ombudsman wants to get involved.

Anyway, back to the trains... I'm on the 07:14 as I write this (on the i-mate). Once again we seem to be taking the scenic tour through the yards. No, it's Ok, just slowing down a bit - I thought this was going to become the norm while we're out in the boonies at 12 & 13!

Joel (see April 7 blog if you can't remember him) is on duty again today when I take the forms in. There's some debate about whether the forms are the same as the original - no, they're much better - and he seems to accept them for now. As my wife pointed out, the original form really summed up their contempt for customers - we don't even warrant a usable form! I left them with another form asking why I've had no answer to my many forms submitted thus far. Sometimes I don't think they're taking this seriously!

This evening we get there with a few minutes to spare. The sign tells us it's platform 12, and by a happy coincidence that's where our train eventually appears. We leave a minute or two late, giving time for the stragglers from platform 8 to get over. We somehow squander a couple more minutes on the way. Luckily there's five minutes and 59 seconds to play with so he should still be on time.


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