Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Wed 4 May - The yards...

You need to be stopped in the yards, with time to have a good look around, to realise that they are probably largely unchanged in the last century or so. Which then leads you on to the question of whether this is part of the problem with running a modern rail network. We have a few minutes to reflect on this as the 07:14 waits patiently for somebody somewhere to initiate the super-complex arrangement of lights required to tell the driver to proceed. It's a topic that was heavily debated recently over at Railpage. The gunzels would have you believe that the signalling mechanism is perfect the way it is and there is no need for new technology to improve things - I gather a certain Neil Ludd held similar views some 200 years ago!

Platform 9 for the 17:38 the sign says. "That'll be wrong" says Shaz. "Let's check anyway" I say. Shaz is right. I'm wrong. The sign's wrong. Platform 12 it is. But we get away on time so anybody cutting it fine probably went to platform 9 and missed it. That's life with Connex.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'll also find that the rail infrastructure is declared "perfectly fine" by politicians, until they throw some money at a half arsed upgrade. At this point it becomes a "vital upgrade to old and limiting infrastructure, intiated by this government".
And of course gunzels don't see a problem. For commuters it's a tool, a means to an end. To gunzels it's a replacement for love and affection from a partner of the opposite sex. They PREFER the older equipment for its historical value so they will naturally be opposed to change.

04 May, 2005 11:54  

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