Sunday, May 08, 2005

Real World Connex Stats

I put this together for distribution and thought it worth posting it here too as it's a useful summary of the story so far.

The following table shows the performance statistics collected by the Connex Whinger over the last five weeks. Connex calls a train "on time" if it arrives within five minutes and 59 seconds of the scheduled time. The Connex Whinger definition of "on time" is (more realistically) within two minutes of the scheduled time.

Using the Connex Whinger measurement, 24 out of 40 trains he has aimed to catch have run close enough to the timetable. That's 60%! Using the (much more generous) Connex measurement that becomes 30 out of 40 trains, still only 75%. A long way away from the 96-98% they regularly claim.

Why the difference? Because Connex reports on every scheduled train, even if there's only three passengers on board. Not a very useful measurement. It's a bit like Channel Ten claiming to win the ratings because more people watch Joice Meyer at 4:00 am than anything else! Report on peak hour trains Connex - by definition, they're the ones most people are using and want to know about.

Mon 04/04Tue 05/04Wed 06/04Thu 07/04Fri 08/04
Mon 11/04Tue 12/04Wed 13/04Thu 14/04Fri 15/04
Mon 18/04Tue 19/04Wed 20/04Thu 21/04Fri 22/04
Mon 25/04Tue 26/04Wed 27/04Thu 28/04Fri 29/04
Mon 02/05Tue 03/05Wed 04/05Thu 05/05Fri 06/05


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