Thursday, May 12, 2005

Thu 12 May - Tickets please...

Dodgy tickets again. Looks like I bought a sub-standard book of tickets as yet another one fails this morning. At least now the customer service officers are on the job again I can get one of them to sign my ticket - so I don't run the risk of the Connex Gestapo accusing me of stealing a free ride! Anyway, 07:14 is on time again.

A bit later this evening. The entrance sign is showing the 18:10 and the 18:12, only problem is that there is no 18:10 train. Get to platform 12 and the monitors are showing the next train is the 18:10... uh OK then. Sure enough that disappears and we're told it's the 18:12. What was that all about? Anyway, it comes in and we depart at 18:12. Connex always has something to keep you on your toes!


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