Sunday, April 09, 2006

Summary 3-7 April

We now have just over a year's worth of statistics and it's getting a bit big to keep posting in here every week. Consequently the stats can now be found at

This week's performance percentages are the same as last week, 61% on time, 23% a little late and 16% very late or cancelled. And we've been there are thereabouts for the last twelve months. Must be a lot of people holding the doors...!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In all seriousness, the holding door issue is just an excuse to transfer the blame. As an operator of a public service it is essential to calculate the behaviour of crowds and certain individuals. And that includes holding doors. If it is such a problem, then why are no mitigating controls in place?
Singapore has a really smart solution for this problem. In most stations the train arrives in a tube with doors that will open alongside the train own doors. This system is certainly more a safety measure to prevent someone from jumping in front of the train and requires the train to stop in exactly the same spot all the time. That may be surely a challenge for a operator such a Connex.

However, I never experienced such an appalling service from a train operator as the one provided by Connex and I have lived and worked in places where I used the local public transport system (BART, MRT Metro,..). Singapore is certainly on of the most efficient and cheapest systems I ever encountered.

09 April, 2006 12:52  
Anonymous sam said...

The Sunday Age continues to champion our cause with another article today about the the cost to the taxpayer for the shambles that is public tranpsort privitisation. And opponents of free transport say that it would cost an extra $300 odd million to implement? Not too bad compared to $1.2 BILLION (yes that is a 'B' as in 'boofhead','bumbling','Batchelor')!

What is it - eight months til the next state election? Let's make sure that public transport is one of the main issues. Write to Batchelor, write to the Opposition, write to your local MP and ask them what they plan to do about this mess, and whay they see as the future of PT for this city. With taxpayer funded cars, they don't catch trains so we need to take the fight to them. Perhaps Phil, you could expand your ministerial contact section on the main page to have the details of the Opposition Minister for Transport as well a link to a page(s) of contact details for local MP's?


09 April, 2006 18:06  
Blogger The Met said...

Hong Kong also utilises a Station-side gateway. It merely is a safety preventative device, also during peak, to keep passenger from falling onto tracks.

Ill say Hong Kong, is a leading railway country.

For Connex to invest that at over 300 stations... $Ka-ching

$300 million. A JOKE! Sorry, but really, you can't, neither they can predict the blunders of a future goverment. Let's go back a few years shall we?

Soon, you will see, that proper funding is being provided by our government, SOON @ my site...


10 April, 2006 18:40  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Hi Sam, thanks for the tip. Along with the links proposed in another comment, I've expanded them as suggested.

14 April, 2006 07:49  

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