Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wed 29 March - When's the election...?

I'm not sure I should be confessing this so publicly, but I'm politically agnostic. Well I'm probably politically atheist but that's not a valid expression. Whatever. The point is that I don't believe in the politicians, I think democracy is seriously flawed and I don't vote. And yes, I do have a better solution - benevolent despotism!

Anyway, I don't vote because I don't believe anything a politician says, and I have refused to go along with this idea of voting for the other guy just because you dislike the current guy's policies. I can't recall that I’ve ever cast a serious vote in my life, yet I'm actually considering doing so now. Why? Because I am convinced that that weasel Batchelor should be tossed out of office. I'm not necessarily convinced that Terry Mulder will do any better, but I'm past caring. I just want to see Batchelor gone - so much so that I'm even considering selling out my basic non-voting principles.

We'll see, November's still a fair way off…

The 07:14 just scrapes in and avoids an orange.

The 17:49 is in when I get there, but mysteriously doesn't leave until 17:50. We manage to lose a couple more minutes so we're three minutes late at Ripponlea.

Here's my final comment on the "keep away from the doors" debate that Chris/The Met feels is about the single biggest factor in the tardiness of our trains...

This evening we're only slightly late and I have to assume the 17:38 ran as scheduled. In my carriage there are 130-140 people as near as I can count. This is slightly more crowded than normal, but certainly not out of the ordinary for a train at this time of day.

Most of the seats are taken, apart from the odd one or two. They're small seats so possibly the adjacent seat is occupied by somebody of a larger frame, making the second seat unusable. Anyway, it's one of the newer double door trains (sorry, not being a gunzel I don't know the brand, they're just trains to me). There are around 10-12 people standing in each of the two ends and around 20 in the area between the seats in the centre of the carriage.

By Chris/The Met's theory this is all right and proper, and nobody should've been standing in the floor area between the doors. Unfortunately there are around 20-25 of us in each of the two doorways, sorry about that Chris. Kinda hard to see where we 40-50 people could've gone if we weren't to stand there. Maybe we should've got off and waited for the next train?

So here's the challenge to you Chris/The Met - you meet me at 17:49 at Flinders Street on a day of your choosing. You can then explain to me and our fellow passengers where we should stand in order to keep away from the doors. If you can do so successfully, I'll back down from my position. If you can't, you can retract your claims publicly in this blog. Sound fair?


Anonymous CW4Minister said...

What's the bet that once the next election campaign starts the Minister for Transport will announce a "Major New Public Transport Initiative" that will spend some of the budget surplus on public transport infrastructure?

29 March, 2006 08:46  
Anonymous Steve said...

I think the odds are somewhere around the same as it was for the last election and the Mitchham-Frankston Freeway..oops, did I say Freeway, I meant Tollway. At least with this Government, while the track record for the contenders isn't any better.

Sometimes I think it would be better to have no choice than have the choice of "no choice" in elections.


29 March, 2006 12:18  
Anonymous Mike said...

Ahh election time. Did you see that weasel Batchelor handing out coffee vouchers today in the CBD as a gesture of not sure what, but to compensate for the CWealth games traffic. Too bad that I had to get of at South Yarra, so I missed out. But hey, I got impacted by those stupid games as well and where is my coffee???

I really would challenge that Mr Batchleor to get on the train, walk through the overcrowded aisles and hand out the vouchers, but that is of course not photogenic enough. Or I assume not his style to exchange body fluids with other sweating passengers.

29 March, 2006 20:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Batchelor is a moron. STill, it's best if people write to him about the problems with his stance on public transport.
I encourage all to do so.

29 March, 2006 20:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that on most peak hour trains it is necessary to stand in the doorways due to ridiculous over crowding. However (as obvious as this may sound), I do think that some people need to realise if you are standing directly in the exit doorway it is often easier to get off the train when it stops, than have people exiting to struggle past you (and then get back on). But apparently and unfortunately this isn't obvious to everyone.

29 March, 2006 22:34  
Blogger The Met said...


Therfore that makes all your wishes impossible, and, I DON'T CLAIM anything THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN.

No, i shan't bother to waste my evening, just to point out were to stand. Connex provides a service, if it's full they really can't do much more at that right instant.

You seem to concur, by complaining about Connex wasting your so called 'time.'

[I'm also dedicated to more important events)

BUT I can assist on where to load, BUT these are based on Fankston/Pakenham/Cranbourne train that utilise Platform 7. You may be able to use this 'concpet theory,' AND THIS IS SEVERELY DEPENDANT ON THE TIME OF PEAK.

@ FSS - try standing behind the escalators on te platforms: Most "Eastern" side of the platform.

@ SXS - try waiting behind escalators too. Most Southerly side.

Inside the Loop find where the least amount of waiting passengers are standing, this is similar at all other Loop stations, because all stations where designed with similar entry-ways.


BATCHELOR IS NOT A MORON! Find someone else who can do the job better, PRACTICALLY (means not 'you' or Mr Whinger' etc), then i may agree with you.

mike - coffee vouchers, at South Yarra, FSS handles four times the amount of people than SOuth Yarra, therefore it seems more obvious to hand them out were MORE people are, or do i need to bring out a calculator, and whiteboard marker?

PS two-door sided trains are constructed by and usually called "Siemens" trains.

30 March, 2006 20:04  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

So Chris, you didn't post this entry under the 15-17 March comments then...?

AND for the rest of you that bunch up in the doorways, not only are you the people who can't be concerned for other passenger getting in, your probably (some - ill stress 'some') those who can't be bothered walking five metres, so you can allow others to get in. YOURE DELAYING TRAINS.

The caps, including the grammatical error, are yours.

31 March, 2006 07:57  
Blogger The Met said...

Yes, i did say, that.

But really, what about claims here.

"It's Peter Batchelors fault?" Does that seem realistic to you.

Nor in the above, above statement, did i mention that it purely was the cause of delays.

31 March, 2006 21:33  

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