Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tue 21 March - Define "regular customer"...

As somebody pointed out in recent feedback, Connex has to compensate "regular customers" due to the number of late and cancelled trains. Their definition of a "regular customer" is "a customer who used a monthly, half yearly or yearly ticket on our train network" in the affected month. Now I would maintain that I'm a regular customer, and few could doubt that I feel I have been greatly inconvenienced by the delays and cancellations. But because I choose to buy five-packs of daily tickets I'm not a "regular cuustomer". Yet another weaselly worded piece of legislation from the biggest weasel of them all, presumably!

I'm on the 06:59 today and there are fewer cyclists. We arrive on time.

An unplanned purchase that is too big for the backpack leads me to be on the 17:27 instead of cycling home. For some reason it's departing from platform 12, so I barely get there on time - the passengers disgorging up the stairs do their damndest to stop people getting down those same stairs to catch the train. Fortunately there's not too many Games visitors on this one so it's not too bad. And it's pretty much on time too.


Anonymous chris said...

I so agree with you! As a regular train-plus-or-minus-bike user and sometime (when I have to, as it's such an appalling service) bus user, the most frustrating thing is feeling like no one gives a damn. Last night for instance - in the post-7pm time at Flinders St ie when all these magic extra services are supposed to be running (where are they on the Sandringham line I ask), I missed my train because once again they had changed the platform and failed to notify travellers. I pointed this out to a Connex official and was told the evidence of my eyes was false (grr). Is it just me or is the Sandringham line the worst served whenit comes to last minute platform changes?

21 March, 2006 15:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What good is a daily ticket as compensation for crap service if you have a yearly ticket? You already have a ticket. Do they want you to give it away as you already have a ticket?

21 March, 2006 18:42  
Anonymous Whinging Connex (Chris) said...

You don't have to use tha daily ticket the instant you get it.

Save it, and months later you can use it.

I've used ticekts several months old, even saved money buy pre-purchasing bulk, before the next year.

21 March, 2006 20:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, one free day after a year of bad service is not exactly good enough.

22 March, 2006 01:26  
Anonymous James said...

i have been travling on a yearly ticket for two years and i haven't been compencated!

22 March, 2006 13:14  
Anonymous Whinging Connex (The Met/Chris) said...

I think it should be a 10x 2 Hourly.

Techinically, compensation is the amount of time COnnex has promised you. So over a month, it only equate to really a daily, but ill say this is a little unfair, and slightly unrealistic.

22 March, 2006 15:19  

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