Monday, March 20, 2006

Mon 20 March - Bikes everywhere...

I may be imagining it, but there appears to be far more bikes than usual this morning - we're almost tripping over each other. I wonder if everyone else is going for the same approach as I am?

Anyway, the 07:14 just scrapes in again this morning.

Home on the pushie, so no idea how the trains are. It's nice not to be left waiting and wondering what's in store...


Anonymous Another angry train commuter said...

WOW MY FRIEND, UR A GOD DAMN NATIONAL HERO. I just saw this website by accident. I hate connex so much, the service they run is just a joke. The need to sort it out. I never thought I'd say this but I never knew people hated the company so badly to make a blog about it. Good luck with the week of reliable services, when you find it let us know. We won't be holding our breaths but.

Kind regards,
Another angry train commuter

21 March, 2006 00:15  

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