Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tue 9 August - Two steps forward...

Two steps forward and one step back. The number of overall cancellations seems to have decreased in recent weeks, as have the ones in my usual travelling time (yesterday notwithstanding). But the trade-off seems to have been punctuality, especially in the morning. In the past, we've had a whole week of morning trains being on time under my slightly tougher definition than Connex'.

However, lately it seems the 07:14 is at least a minute or two late from Ripponlea and ends up later still when it finally gets to Flinders Street. I'd look at the time in the lift and it was usually 07:33 or 07:34, more recently it's been 07:37 or 07:38 at best. I know it's only a few minutes, but why is it slipping? Because the trains still count as "on time", so nobody is noticing, I suspect.

The 17:38's waiting for me when I get there. We leave on time and get home on time.


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09 August, 2005 08:49  
Anonymous Sam said...

Ceiling fans - fascinating.

Well Connex appears to have given up this week. Cancelled and late trains on the Frankston line and it's only Tuesday. And then I read in the Age about a train driver stopping an Epping train because he was 'stressed' after vandals broke a window in his train (I also believe some passengers tapped on his window). I wonder if this was one of the new breed that are nearing the completion of their training, or an old hand?


09 August, 2005 12:49  

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