Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thu 28 July - Bad habits Connex...

Connex seems to be slipping into its bad habits again with some tardiness there. The 07:14 is three minutes late this morning.

So here's the off-peak experience...

Still pretty crook so I'm heading back home. Get to Flinders Street at 11:30, nothing showing at the entrance for the next Sandy line train.

Head to platform 8 and the monitor shows the next train departs at 11:57. No way am I up for hanging around for nearly half an hour, so maybe I'll just grab a cab.

Head up to the main entrance and the old clocks are showing there's a train at 11:42. Ask the bloke at the barriers. "No idea, maybe it's been cancelled, you'll just have to wait and see." Sure mate.

Anyway, I ask him to find out what's happening and while he's on the phone the main sign board updates showing the 11:42 is running and will depart from platform 9. OK.

Then it updates again, showing platform 8. He gets off the phone and confirms it's running from platform 8.

So off I go.

Get back to platform 8 at 11:40 and the train's not there. So I'm left wondering if they do actually know what's happening. Wait for a while and it arrives just after the scheduled departure time. No warning about a delay and no apology. We get away a few minutes late.

Now the net result was no big deal, but what a palaver getting there. Surely there's got to be an easier way? Like somebody actually knowing what's going on and then keeping the traveling public informed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please can you start catching the 8:09am rather than the 7:14am so Connex will have to take notice of the number of times this train is cancelled (twice this week and it's only Thursday). Then they would have to do something other than deliberately making the 7:59am run 5 minutes after it should (I want to say late but that would only be true according to Connex if it was 7 rather than 5 minutes) to pick up some of the 8:09am passengers to resolve the problem.

Prehaps the 8:09am train is at home in bed with the flu?

28 July, 2005 09:56  

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