Monday, August 08, 2005

Mon 8 August - Uh oh late again...

The 06:59 was cancelled this morning, so the 07:14 is fairly crowded - just the way we like to start the week! It's only a couple of minutes late from Ripponlea but we do the wait in the yards thing for platform 13, even though there's nothing there, so come in five minutes late.

I really have serious doubts about the ability of these PDP-11s to handle the simple signalling needs of the network. How hard can it be?

Just when you're thinking "Hmmm while we've had quite a few delays, there's not been many cancellations lately..." they cancel the 17:38, my favourite train. Then the 17:49 departs seven minutes late. Bet that was cosy, with 170% more passengers than normal!

Anyway, I wait for the 18:01, as do many others judging by the numbers piling in at Richmond. Thanks Connex, I promise I won't take you for granted again. Arrive at Ripponlea a couple of minutes late for good measure.


Blogger Andrew said...

The running times on Sandringham line are unrealiastic. I recall a sign at Balaclava Station saying 13 minutes to the city. It was always longer.

10 August, 2005 03:20  

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