Friday, July 29, 2005

Fri 29 July - Can I go all day...?

Having missed Monday and Tuesday altogether, pulled the pin early Wednesday and not even made it till lunch time yesterday, I wonder if I can make the whole day today. This is one of the worst colds that I can recall, probably got it from travelling in overcrowded Connex trains!

Looking back through my Connex SMS alerts I'd have to agree with yesterday's comment about the 08:09 - it does seem a little over-represented in the cancellation list. As Julius inquired many times, "why is this so?".

I am glad that I don't rely on that one every morning. But I still don't see why it should be cancelled more than any other morning train. I do like my 07:14. It's fairly reliable and not normally too crowded. And I think it is just early enough to avoid the problems that come in when the frequency of trains steps up to 10 minutes, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago - Thursday 14 July.

So there's the answer for those who want to avoid the problems of the 08:09, catch the 07:14 instead. You'll be amazed at what you can get done with the extra hour in the office too!

Although the 07:14 has been a bit tardy this week - three minutes late again today.

Get here at Flinders Street just in time for the 18:24 - I'm here, it's not. Anyway it comes in shortly afterwards - why would they not simply tell us this that it's running a minute or two late?


Anonymous Sam said...

Seems a lot of people are sick at the moment - there's a really bad flu that has really swept through the state. A quarter of my daughters school class is crook with it (including her) and we are down about a third of staff here at work with the latest casuality just gone home. I wonder if I'll make it through next week unscathed?

29 July, 2005 15:15  

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