Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thu 14 July - Happy Bastille Day...

Again the 07:14 is pretty much OK. We'll see if the evening train continues its trend...

The astute reader may have noticed a comment from a Mrs Connex Whinger on yesterday's post. She rightly pointed out that off peak travel was pretty reliable for her. And of course that is exactly the problem, it's the peak time services that are so badly affected. And the daytime reliability conveniently produces 90%+ "on time" results, masking the impact on commuters who of course do travel in peak times.

I'm a bit later tonight so going for the 18:50. It's already on the platform so that's a good sign, and off we go bang on time.

I have a suspicion that if I were happy never to have dinner with the kids on a weekday again I'd be a lot less frustrated with Connex by coming home around this time every night - most of the problems seem to be in the 17:00-18:30 zone. It's not as if there'd be nothing to do, I'd just be doing stuff in the office that I'd otherwise be doing at home later. It's not the answer though. It simply highlights that when they increase the frequency of trains to every 10-11 minutes the system breaks down. Ease it back out to 15 minutes apart and they're generally OK. Which comes back to my question of a couple of months ago about how they're going to cope with the passenger increases proposed by Bracks, Batchelor and co.

Oh yes... "Vive la revolution!"


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