Friday, June 03, 2005

Fri 3 June - Nice 'n' early...

05:40 today - just got to get everything done before I go on leave. Not many on the train this early, so the three-door advantage is probably not all that great! For anyone who missed it, a sidepiece on The Age article on Monday (below) listed the first two reasons for delays cited by Connex were having two doors on the new trains, rather than the standard three on the older trains, and the increased number of passengers in wheelchairs. Sure Bruce!

Thanks to The Age for use of this graphic - copyright is theirs, of course.

What's the story on the legendary 6:10?

Frequently, as this evening, the board at the entrance says the next two trains are the 6:10 and the 6:12. Get to platform 12 and it confirms the next train is the 6:10, while platform 13's monitor advises the next one there is the 6:12. Everybody obediently stands on platform 12 awaiting a non-existent train while 13 is empty.

Sure enough the 6:12 comes in on 13 and the sheep obligingly wander across to get aboard. But what is the reason for this ghost train? There's never been a 6:10 on the timetable since I've been using the Sandy line. I've never seen one run. So why do both the main information board and the monitors keep telling us there is one? And why do the passengers believe in it? Is this another of those quirky little things the controllers do to have fun at our expense?

Anyway, no idea what happened to the 6:10, but the 6:12 gets away within a minute or so of its scheduled time.


Anonymous lainey said...

If "public transport patronage" is booming... then why are there figures being quoted in other articles that public transport usage is actually DOWN? I don't have specific articles but I certainly remember something about PT usage DECREASING!

03 June, 2005 11:36  

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