Thursday, May 26, 2005

Thu 26 May - Good choice Phil...

I'm at a seminar this morning and was tossing up whether to go straight there and get a later train or go to the office first. As they can get a bit iffy by 08:00 or so, I chose the latter. Wise choice as it turned out, since the 07:29 is cancelled and that'll have a knock-on effect to the next couple of trains.

Somewhat ironically, given my comments of 13 May, I'm the one telling the station staff about the cancellation. And still there's been no SMS alert.

At 17:08 we're alerted that the 17:27 is cancelled. Not enough time to pack up and get down to the station in time to catch the 17:17. So here's the choice - go and get on the 17:38 and put up with being crushed, or let it go and hope the 17:49 is OK. Well there's not really much to think about, jamming into the 17:38 is just not an option. So we go for the 17:49 and there it is... and it gets away about on time. Sometimes it works out OK, sometimes not.


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