Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tue 17 May - Very late today...!

I'm on the 12:47 today, having spent the morning studying. Bang on time, as you'd expect in off peak times. So this one balances out yesterday evening's little comedy.

A colleague, let's call him Mark to protect his anonymity, commented recently that I'd strayed from just talking about the delays to talking about a wide range of topics, most of them critical of Connex. And of course he's right. There is just so much to have a go about, I doubt I'll ever run out of Connex whinges!

Quelle surprise! 17:38, we're here, train's not, no announcement. That was the last thing I expected. Anyway it eventually rolls up a couple of minutes later and we get away around four minutes late. Could've been worse.

I have been a bit slack and neglected to mention yesterday that I finally received a letter from Connex, in relation to some of my complaints. Given that it was dated 21 April, I'd suggest they still owe me a few more! Anyway, the gist of it is they do lots of maintenance but trains still fail so suck it up - fortunately Qantas doesn't share this attitude. They do try to tell us about delays and cancellations but sometimes they don't know until the last minute - fair call, but what about all the other times? They're well on the way to solving the driver shortage problem - good, your year's up. There's SMS updates available - I know, I've complained about them, check your forms. There's a different compensation arrangement - who cares, I don't buy the tickets that qualify and your stats are bogus anyway. They're trying really hard and I can complain to the Public Transport Ombudsman if I like - yeah I'm saving that one. If you'd like to see the letter, here it is
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