Monday, May 30, 2005

Mon 30 May - In The Age today...

Finalising some budget work and a few other things this morning means no chance of getting the 07:14. I have ended up on the 08:39, which is a couple of minutes late.

The Connex problems, especially with the Sandringham line, made it into The Age today (click here and here for the articles). Interesting to see the independent confirmation that the Sandy line is the worst and that it has significantly deteriorated since Connex took over a year ago. And all the excuses why they can't solve these problems are a real worry. The comment was made that the system is pretty much at capacity, so I'd like to see their plans for Melbourne 2030. Wonder if the PDP-11s will still be running in another 25 years, they've already gone that long!

Going for the 17:49... as is often the case, we're here and it's not. It shows up shortly after its scheduled departure time and we depart a few minutes late.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's pathetic. Frankston line this morning - one train cancelled (with an SMS sent I must admit) but while on the platform, heard that two more trains within the next hour had been cancelled as well. This is Monday morning peak hour. Something is wrong that they are not telling us I reckon. And I'm picking it's staff related whether it's drivers, or maintenance crews or whatever.

30 May, 2005 09:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, at least 5 inbound trains didn't run on Monday morning the Frankston line according to SMS Updates:
* 6:52 ex Frankston (4 mins notice)
* 7:20 ex Frankston (23 mins notice)
* 8:07 ex Frankston (65 mins notice)
* 8:45 ex Frankston (SMS at 8:51 - green button knew by 8:30)
* 9:15 ex Frankston (22 mins notice)

Although I got 80 mins notice of my cancellation from my station, I didn't read my SMS until it was too late!

01 June, 2005 01:13  

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