Monday, July 11, 2005

Mon 11 July - I'm back...

Well, back to work for me. Which means after more than a month of not being subject to the torment of Bruce Hughes and his cronies, I'm at the mercy of Connex again.

While overseas I heard about the complete and utter lack of any form of business continuity planning, whereby a simple water leak managed to bring the whole system to a halt. Didn’t see the follow-up story about the cretins responsible getting the sack, but I’m sure it was there somewhere!

And of course Bruce's most recent full-page mea culpa ad (yes I do know what it means, that was sarcasm!). A full and frank admission that it was everyone else's fault but his. Not that things are too bad anyway, according to him. I’ll take some of the credit for his decision to place the ad, since it seems to be directly responding to the stuff that appeared in The Age back in May.

While overseas, every now and again I'd remove my temporary SIM and insert my Aussie one to check for messages. Needless to say, every time there were at least one or two SMSes from Connex advising cancellations.

Such is life. Here we are on Monday, the 07:14 is a few minutes late.

Home on the 18:01, which is pretty punctual. And we're back on platform 8, thank God. Could life be any better than this?


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