Friday, January 05, 2007

If temp > 30°C then cancel trains

I got four cancellation SMSes yesterday evening, two of which were sent several minutes after the scheduled departure time.

Only a complete cretin buys trains to operate in a city where the temperature often exceeds 30°C that can't operate when the temperature exceeds 30°C!

It's a bit warm to be cycling home just at the moment, but it sure beats standing on the platform at Flinders Street wondering when the next train will show, only to find it's one of those battered old silver things with no aircon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got 6 cancellation SMSs on the Sandringham line the afternoon before!!

05 January, 2007 14:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear the Hitachis are currently out of service due to union bans, which isn't helping.

06 January, 2007 02:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least they are sending the SMSes, thats a start.

08 January, 2007 14:02  
Blogger The Met said...

anonymous - your are correct about the union bans - and true it isn't helping.

It is expected that 6 sets will return - in light of the other current situation - which im rather amazed isn't reported here.

Im NOT going to enlighten you; hoping to avoid another rant from our beloved Mr Whinger.

19 January, 2007 13:03  
Blogger The Met said...

Back here again...

...only to find it's one of those battered old silver things with no aircon. (Mr Whinger)

Would you prefer to be waiting at a station with some cancelled train service becuase of some cause?

Or a service, albeit in a more elderly stock?

I think i'd prefer the latter.

19 January, 2007 13:25  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Not sure if you actually bothered to read the post properly The Met? I would prefer not to be waiting and I also would prefer not to be in a crowded non-air conditioned train, thus I cycle home nowadays!

20 January, 2007 05:50  
Blogger The Met said...

The world doesn't revolve around you yet Mr Whinger.

You just can't expect a train whenever it pleases you.

There will always be time for waiting.

20 January, 2007 22:11  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Mate, you infuriate me with your rubbish!

I don't want the world to revolve around me, nor do I expect trains to be at my beck and call. I don't believe I've ever suggested such - I only ever ask them to run roughly to schedule and let us know what's happening when they can't. Why is that such an unrealistic expectation?

I've given up hoping that they'll run anywhere close to a published timetable, hence my decision to cycle home as a permanent arrangement.

I've given up. I've admitted defeat. Connex has won. How can I make it any clearer?

21 January, 2007 19:46  
Blogger The Met said...

You admit defeat....

But why do you keep fighting?

30 January, 2007 18:24  

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