Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tue 28 February - Metlink warning...

On top of Weasel Batchelor's warning about only making essential train journeys during the Commonwealth Games, we now have Metlink issuing dire warnings. According to Mrs CW, yesterday they advised that trains into Flinders Street Station will be so bad that we should choose one of the following options...

- Get off at Richmond and walk
- Get off at another loop station (wonder if they know about the Sandy line?)
- Travel at a non-peak time
- Stay at home

So that's their great strategy for coping with the extra passenger volumes. You know, the ones that Batchelor assured us only a few months ago would be easily coped with. So employers, two weeks' holidays for all staff? No, didn't think so.

The 07:14 hops across several lines to come in on platform 6 this morning. Having made the perilous crossings safely we then wait for a while, coming in about three minutes late.

The 17:07 is pretty much on time after I make an early exit (Mrs CW is out tonight). And the aircon is hopeless again.


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