Friday, February 24, 2006

Fri 24 February - Only essential travel...

Mrs CW heard a radio report yesterday that included some commentray from a certain weaselly state government minister. I can't find the details online, but she's fairly sure that he advised Melbourne residents to minimise their use of public transport during the Commonwealth Games.

Ummm Peter old chap, you may not have realised this, but unlike you and your cronies being whisked from A to B in your luxurious limos, many of us actually use public transport to get to and from work. And since your mob co-ordinated school holidays at the same time, some parents might actually want to take their kids somewhere - or should they just stay indoors and watch TV? And it's even possible that some locals may want to attend the Games.

See here's your problem you cretin - you've known about these Games for years and you've been telling us that the public transport system would cope. So instead of actually doing anything to ensure that it did, you've sat on your backside and done nothing. Then at the 11th hour you start pleading with us not to use the system in case we inconvenience the visitors. You're a disgrace!

Meanwhile the February Connex newsletter says this

"Trains will be carrying a lot more passengers than usual and our advice to regular customers is to travel outside the normal morning and afternoon peak services as much as possible to avoid congestion."

My advice to Sir Topham is "Put on more trains".

At least the 07:14 scrapes in more or less on time.

Another over 30°C day today and I'm leaving at around 18:45. I take a cab on the basis that there will likely be problems at Flinders Street - sometimes it's worth paying the twenty bucks just to avoid the hassle.


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