Monday, February 20, 2006

Mon 20 February - JFFI...

It was interesting to receive an email from somebody who stumbled across the Connex Whinger site because they had had their fill of Connex and were presumably searching the web for similarly minded views. It's easy to forget that there are probably many Melbourne commuters who are just as angry and frustrated as I am.

We are fed up with the delays and cancellations and we are fed up with the feeble excuses from Bruce "Sir Topham Hatt" Hughes and Peter "The Weasel" Batchelor. The message is simple, stop making excuses and start fixing the problems!

Sir Topham is a keynote speaker at a CEDA Forum today. Somehow he's going to explain how he plans to deliver his top quality services to Commonwealth Games visitors and beyond. Wish I could afford to be there...

Anyway the 07:14 is more or less on time.

Home on the 18:01 and it's on time. Maybe Sir Topham has already fixed the problems?!


Anonymous Sam said...

I wonder if Bruce will elaborate at the conference on how us regular commuters (and I personally am in my fifteenth year of regular PT travel, mainly train, 7th year of twice daily commutes via train to the city for my current job) should rearrange our lives to avoid the peak hour crushes. Someone should tell him that we already endure that daily, but when you think about it - we are all working to provide retail, trade, and an economy for the various Games visitors to enjoy, yet we are expected to alter our work patterns for two weeks so we can get into work without watching the first few packed-to-capacity trains go past? And then what? Work an extra two hours each day to miss the arvo peak times? Shouldnt we have had priority and events be scheduled so that the really popular ones wouldnt require spectators to catch a peak hour train?


20 February, 2006 12:53  

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