Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wed 22 February - Melbourne or Moscow...?

Big thanks to Carolyn for the link to the Herald-Sun article below.

Click here for the article

The story may be a little over the top in describing it as a "secret meeting of transport chiefs", and perhaps Terry Mulder has his foot down a bit hard on the hyperbole pedal with his "This is more like Moscow than Melbourne" comment. But you do have to wonder why the media would be excluded from an event which is being hosted by the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia? Just what do our transport leaders have to hide?

Anyway, that's five straight trains getting the green, with the 07:14 being on time this morning.

Make that six straight! As Mrs CW is out this evening I need to get home early so I'm on the 17:17 - and we're on time yet again. This is unheard of!


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