Monday, September 12, 2005

Mon 12 September - Back in sunny Melbourne...

Well OK, not really sunny, but neither was Perth.

The 07:14 arrives at Ripponlea late and pulls in later still after a wait alongside the tennis centre. Yeah, really good to be back!

Going home on the 17:27 that leaves at about 17:33 - we pull in to Ripponlea seven minutes late. And it's still raining... bet a weatherman on a commercial TV station tells us it's not falling in the catchment areas tonight!


Anonymous Sam said...

Back to winter with a freezing wind howling, rain pelting down, and a peak Frankston line train cancelled. "But surely you were under cover Sam" I hear you say? Well I huddled under the small amount of undercover space offered by my busy suburban station but then made the dash in the rain with everyone else so 100 people didn't try and get on the one carriage that happened to line up with the miniscule amount of shelter we all had. But don't worry folks - I'll line up next week to purchase my monthly ticket again so I can wait out the cancelled trains and use the poor facilities (that's if I can get in the door of the train that does run). And in a few months I'll get that added little bonus of getting on ridiculously overcrowded trains in 30+ degree heat!

12 September, 2005 11:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which station do u use Sam?

12 September, 2005 20:27  
Blogger Andy B said...

I'm calling bullshit on this entry.

I was on the 7.12 ex Elsternwick this morning, and it was 1 minute late into the platform. Thus, it would have not been more than 1 minute late into Ripponlea.

We stopped momentarily outside the tennis center, probably not more than about 30 seconds.

I'll be on the same train tomorrow. Blue uniform, eyebrow piercing, 4th carriage .. if you want to discuss it.

12 September, 2005 21:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

andy b is (or was) a Yarra Trams employee. I know this for a fact. He drives (or drove) the 3 and 67.

12 September, 2005 22:02  
Anonymous SparkDriver said...

I'm calling bullshit on this too. Mainly because I was there, and in control of the situation, so to speak.

I was the driver of the 0700 Up Sandringham Train this morning, and I can't recall anything really significant that made me that late. Save the 'gentleman' who thought it would be a good idea to force the doors at Brighton Beach after I'd closed them and begun to move off. I'd say you lost out because he got out of bed a minute late. All in all, that lost me about a minute or so as I had longer platform dwell time.

As for the wait at The Tennis Centre, I was waiting for a path into the terminal - I think there was a graffitied or defective train waiting to be moved off to Newport Shops in the track block ahead. Besides, I arrived on time to pick up my next run, so I don't know where this exaggerated figure of lateness comes from.

If you're worried about this tiny delay, take it up with your local graffiti artists.

I'm a student driver, and my biggest delays so far throughout my training have all been caused by passengers doing silly things, cars getting stuck on tracks, and one fatality.

Sorry if we're late getting you home sometimes, but the coroner has a job to do.

I've been reading your blog ever since that 15-minutes of fame article appeared in the Age in June.
All I can say to you is that I personally think you're a sad, shallow little man with nothing better to do than whinge.

I'm not saying what i've said here on behalf of my employer, and they aren't sanctioning or supporting my comments. I make them on my own behalf, and more because I found it personally offensive that you'd slander my name and ability to do my work in such a public forum.

Besides, we've run a consistent service for the past couple of months on the Sandy, and you can't seem to accept that. When will the whineging stop, Phil?

12 September, 2005 22:12  
Anonymous PTuser said...

What does it matter whether Andy B is a Yarra employee or not? He's talking about connex, dickhead.

13 September, 2005 00:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mentioning that Andy B is a YT employee is highlighting a fact, not offering an opinion, dickhead. His blue uniform is presumably his YT uniform.

It may be a different company, but it is all still Melbourne Public Transport.

13 September, 2005 08:53  
Anonymous Sam said...


You are missing the point entirely. Phil has never (in my recollection) ever blamed the drivers, and I myself don't blame the drivers or think there is some driver conspiracy. Phil's main target has been the overall management of the trains, which is Connex management. Whether or not there was a delay on the train you were driving I don't know - as I said before I am a Frankston line passenger. As for your other assertion - grow up, your name is not being slandered. We pay to use the service. Read that back again slowly - WE PAY TO USE THE SERVICE, and we have every right to voice our opinions on that service and the way it is run. I don't expect every train to run, and on time but I sure as hell don't expect as many late and cancelled trains as there has been over the past twelve months. It has been pathetic.
But, it also has improved slightly over the past month or so. Perhaps Connex is finally learning how ti run the system. Then again, let's see if January comes and there's another fare rise, like I'm picking there will be.

13 September, 2005 10:50  
Anonymous ptuser said...


It's a different company entirely. If you can't tell the difference between a train and a tram, then you're more of a fuckwit than I expected.

15 September, 2005 01:38  

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