Monday, August 29, 2005

Mon 29 August - You know the form...

Maybe I'll switch to just logging homeward bound trips, since the mornings (for the 07:14 at least) are fairly reliable nowadays... is that tempting fate?!

Mind you, I doubt the hapless 08:09 regulars would agree. This train seems to be cancelled more frequently than any other - today it's their turn yet again. Given how crowded those trains are from around 08:00 to 09:00 I can only imagine what the following train will be like.

As I was saying, the homeward bound trips are not so reliable... I need to get home early tonight, so head down for the 17:27. I hesitate by the taxi rank, as I'm carrying a big birthday present for my son. No, I'll take the train, it'll be fine. Get to the entrance and the sign tells me the 17:38 and the 17:49 are next, so where's the 17:27? Or where's my SMS alert? Sure enough the announcement comes through that the 17:27 is cancelled due to lack of trains or some such excuse.

Why didn't you flipping Connex cretins tell me this at 17:17 when I was next to the taxi rank? I could've jumped in a cab and been home by the time I had a realistic chance of squeezing into a train. Of course there's no taxis to be had at Flinders Street. Heaven forbid that the state's major train station or Fed Square should have a taxi rank anywhere handy. So I get the tram. And instead of getting home early I get home even later than normal. All for the lack of a simple SMS alert, the service Connex promised us to make up for their unreliable trains.


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