Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wed 24 August - Yay Connex...

Well even a staunch Connex Whinger has to acknowledge the service improvements of late. Once again we're on time this morning.

Tempting fate there wasn't I? At lunchtime I'm heading down to South Yarra with a workmate, might as well go for the 12:27 on the Sandy line. Stand and wait, no sign of the 12:27, screens go blank then the next train is the 12:42. Meanwhile a train on one of the other lines pulls in on platform 7 and they announce it's stopping at South Yarra - too late for us to get over there. Connex, why wouldn't you just tell us where our train was?

The monitor goes blank then back to showing 12:27 again. I suggest we go up the escalator and check what's happening on other lines. As we get up there, the 12:27 pulls in. We leave about ten minutes later than scheduled. Not one announcement was made about the delay.

Anyway, on to tonight. Waiting for the 17:38, the clock ticks over, no sign of the train. It rolls in about a minute or two late on platform 9. Again, no announcement about the delay - Connex, why wouldn't you just tell us where our train was? We get to Ripponlea about four minutes late.


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