Friday, August 12, 2005

Fri 12 August - Only 30 seconds...

The 07:14's customary stop in the yards is just 30 seconds this morning, thus managing to arrive in time to get a green indicator. Good effort!

Not so for the homeward trip...

We're at the Flinders Street entrance at 17:33, the sign says the next trains are the 17:49 and the 18:01. That's odd, Shaz and I check our phones, no SMS alert to say the 17:38's cancelled. Up the ramp, plenty of people around, no announcement. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Train comes in at about 17:43, has to be the 17:49. It's announced to be just that. Get on board. 17:45 we both receive the SMS alert to say the 17:38 is cancelled. Umm, thanks for that Connex, but I think you're kinda missing the point!

So Connex, don't bother to tell people on the platform and don't bother to send an SMS - then maybe nobody will even notice!

For good measure, the 17:49 rolls in to Ripponlea about four minutes late.


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