Friday, August 26, 2005

Fri 26 August - And again...

A minute or so wait in the yards so we're just over the two minutes late again. After last night's farce I'm happy to concede this as on time again.

The 17:27 is only a couple of minutes late, but late it is. And as we have come to expect, the scheduled departure time comes and goes with no comment from Connex about the delay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your experience last night is a continuation of the fun and games us poor souls on the 19:05 Sandy train had on Wednesday.
An announcement is made at about 19:07 advising us that due to a defective train, the 19:05 is running approximately 5 minutes late. The monitor is not telling us anything useful. Then at about 14 minutes past, the monitor tells us that the next train is the 19:16 Cranbourne train. We then get an announcement that the 19:05 will depart from platforms 6 & 7 so off we go to the other platform.
There is a train on Platform 7 but no announcement or monitor display to tell us that this is our train.
During our trip to the other platform a train pulls into platform 8. Surprise, surprise, we get an announcement at 19:20 that the 19:05 has been cancelled and that the 19:20 will depart from platform 8 (where we had just come from) and it would be held for 3 minutes.
So we have a train.....but only 3 carridges. I will leave it to your imagination as to how crowded things were.
Why do Connex continue to do this. When will they realise that they need to tell us what is going on. Prehaps I'm making the assumption that someone there knows what is going on to be able to tell their paying customers.

26 August, 2005 14:06  

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